Weekly Paragraph #24 – Special Possessions

All of us have special possessions . . . those items which we value even though no one else may WordPress think they are important. They are the items we don’t want ruined or thrown away. Select one of your special possessions . Tell me about it. Why is it special to you? Where did it come from? How do you make use of it? What else can you say about it?

Fourth Grade Paragraph Rubric:

  • _____ Do I have my name, date and a title on my paper?
  • _____ Did I indent the first line?
  • _____ Did I start cheap jerseys with an opening sentence?
  • _____ Does the opening sentence wholesale mlb jerseys catch the reader’s attention?
  • _____ Did I include at least 5 interesting supporting detail sentences? (Each sentence in wholesale mlb jerseys the paragraph must stick to the topic and relate to the topic sentence.)
  • _____ Did cheap nba jerseys I end with a closing sentence that restates the opening?
  • _____ Did I start each sentence with V?lkommen a capital?
  • _____ Actiemaand Did I end each sentence with the proper punctuation?
  • _____ Is my spelling correct at least 90% of the time? (Proofread the paragraph and then have an adult help you make corrections on your paper.)
  • _____ Did I get the signature of person who proofread my rough draft