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Weekly Newsletter – October 27, 2014

  • Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

    Thank you for the generous donations for UNICEF. Our K-Kids Club is collecting donations till the end of this month for UNICEF’s Trick-or Treat program whose goal is to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. A newborn dies every
    nine minutes from tetanus. US $1.80 can protect a woman and her future newborns from this painful disease.

    On the 28th of October PTO is sponsoring a Fall Festival Event. The event is from 5:30-7:30. All games and food items will be purchased for tickets. Donations of bagged “wrapped” candy can earn you free tickets. Fourth grade has been given the opportunity to sell drinks (sodas, juice and water bottles) at the event. I am looking for volunteers to help sell drinks at the event as well. Also, I am seeking donations of drinks, ice and the borrowing of an ice chest, or two. All profit will go directly to 4th grade field trips. Please return the flyer if you are able to help.

    The 4th grade “wreath” fundraiser is due by November 3, 2014. This is a 4th grade only fundraiser. All proceeds go directly towards our field trips.

    We have started our first at home project: the biography book report project. The due date is Friday, 11/21/14. Students can turn it in early on 11/14/14 as well.

    On Friday, October 31, 2014 is our character parade. I will send home a permission slip this week and a sheet with detailed information. This is completely optional. If you would like to participate please return the permission slip and I
    will give you a book report paper.

    This Friday we are having a scary story happening. We will have hot chocolate and cookies as we listen to student’s perform a read aloud of a spooky story. If you are able to donate a gallon of water, hot chocolate packets, cups, spoons, napkins or cookies, let me know. Also, students are allowed to bring flashlights as well. Let’s have a spooktacular week!

    Let’s have a motivating week!

    Mrs. Dahlberg

    Reading/Language Arts:

    1. Critical Thinking Reading Log: Read each night for 20 + min. & complete one square on your reading log each night. ( A total of 4 squares this week)
    2. Reading Comprehension Sheet: Kids in the Gold Fields
    3. Grammar Practice: Apostrophe #2
    4. Weekly Paragraph: None this week or next week.  Will resume Nov. 3.
    • Think Tank: Give me two reasons why it would be exciting to live during the Gold Rush and two reasons why it would be hard.

    Spelling: Test this Friday

    1. Write missed words 3X each
    2. Use each word in a sentence
    • Think Tank:  Creative Letters: Write your words by cutting out letters from an old newspaper or magazine an glue them on a paper.  Or use the cutout letter for the first letter of each word.

    Math: Ch. 2 Add and Subtract Whole Numbers

    1. Pg. 97/98
    • Think Tank: What is 1/8 of 32?

    Word of the Week: issue

    [ish-oo or, esp. British, is-yoo]

    One copy of “Boys Life” magazine is an issue. It is issued, or put out, by the publisher. You and your mother may argue over the issue, or topic, of whether or not you should read it.

    The original meaning of the word issue was to put something out. If a celebrity issues a statement or the post office issues new stamps, they put them out for the public. Likewise, an issue is a current topic, sometimes controversial, that is being discussed. Politicians often say they want to talk about the issues (and not their personal lives!). You might hear someone say, “He’s got issues” about a person who has some problems, usually emotional ones, but this is a very new use for the word.

    • Think Tank: Use the word issue in a sentence.

    Weekly Events/Reminders:

    1. Throughout the year we collect “Box Tops”.  Clip & save them in a baggie.  There will be a school competition in October!!
    2. Pink Progress reports are due each Friday.
    3. PTO fundraiser: Brax sports cups. All orders due by 10/24/14.
    4. Eat lunch with your child 10/28/14
    5. Field Trip donations are accepted at any time.
    6. Book Orders are on their way!
    7. Fall Festival Tuesday, October 28, 2014.
    8. Scholastic Book Fair week of October 27, 2014
    9. Red Ribbon Week October 27-31st
    10. Character Parade October 31, 2014.
    11. Scary Story Happening 10/31/14

    Donation of the Month: Post-It Notes

    Any size, brand, type or color will do.  Thank you for helping make our class awesome!!!

    Website of the Week: Jerry Spinelli

    Our class just finished a read aloud titled “Loser” by Jerry Spinelli.  Explore his website this week.  Look under the FAQ tab for information about the author.

      • Think Tank: List three interesting facts you learned about Jerry Spinelli.

    Conundrum of the Week:

    What’s Dracula’s favorite kind of coffee?

    Project of the Month: Biography Book Report Project

    This week you will need to get a book about the person you will be doing your report on.  You will have approximately 4 weeks to complete this project.  You must read a biography and complete the biography book report and level 1 project.  Level 2 and 3 projects are optional.  See yellow handout for details.  This project is due on Friday 11/21/14.  You may turn it in early on 11/14/14 for class cash bonus!

    Habit of the Month:  Habit #2  Begin with the End in Mind


    • Think Tank: How do you “begin with the end in mind”?


    No Excuses University & Character Counts Monthly Trait: Responsibility.

    Mondays: wear university colors: Cal Poly, Pomona, green & gold.Fridays: school spirit: wear TPES colors blue & gold! Wear the colors so we can keep the snake!!!

    Homework Check:

    I have reviewed my child’s homework this week. Initials ________.