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Weekly Newsletter – March 29, 2015

  • Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

    The  State Report Project and Posters  will be due this  Friday, April 3, 2015.    I will be giving time for students to complete parts of the project during class, but some parts may need to be completed at home.

    Smarter Balance testing will continue in May.  May 10th and 11th we will complete the math portion of the test.  Students did a great job last week, staying focused and doing their best.
    For the TPES Spring Carnival, 4th grade will be hosting a “snack bar”.  We will be using leftover granola bars and chips from the color run.  We could use donations of  red licorice and other fun food items.  We will also be selling See’s Lollipops for $1 each.

    April 10th is Parent Conference Day.  I will send home more information next week about conferences.

    Let’s have a motivating week!

    Mrs. Dahlberg

    Reading/Language Arts:

    1. Critical Thinking Reading Log:  Read each night for 20 + min. & complete the reading log.
    2. Reading Comprehension Sheet:  A Crayon is Born
    3. Grammar Practice: None this week.
    4. Weekly Paragraph:  None this week. * work on your state report.
    • Think Tank: List five original questions about “A Crayon is Born.”

    Spelling: Test this Week

    1. Write each missed word 3X
    2. Write a sentence for each word.
    • Think Tank:  Creative Letters: Write your words by cutting out letters from an old newspaper or magazine an glue them on a paper.  Or use the cutout letter for the first letter of each word.

    Math: Ch. 5

    1. Pgs 297/298
    2. Pgs. 303/304
    • Think Tank: Creative Letters: Write your words by cutting out letters from an old newspaper or magazine an glue them on a paper.  Or use the cutout letter for the first letter of each word.

    Word of the Week: vain


    If you spend all day admiring yourself in reflective surfaces — mirrors, pools of water, the backs of spoons — people may think you are conceited or vain.

    If, to your horror, you have searched everywhere for a reflective surface but can’t find one, you have made a fruitless or vain search for a mirror. Vain is from Latin vanus “empty,” and in English it originally meant “lacking value or effect, futile”; we still say “a vain attempt” using that sense, and the phrase “in vain” means “without success.” Normally, though, vain means “conceited, too proud of oneself.” Carly Simon’s line “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you” is an excellent illustration of this use.

    • Think Tank: Select a character from a book or story you have read who is vain.  Describe the character and list 3 or more supporting details and or examples that prove the character is vain.

    Weekly Events/Reminders:

    1. Keep clipping Box Tops!
    2. Pink Progress reports are due each Friday.
    3. Field Trip donations in any amount  are accepted at any time. Thank you!
    4. Yearbooks on Sale Now!
    5. Minimum Day April 8, 2015 & May 20, 2015
    6. Parent Conference Day Friday, April 10, 2015
    7. Spring Carnival 3/31/15 from 5-7 pm

    Donation of the Month: Post-It Notes

    Any size, brand, type or color will do.  Thank you for helping make our class awesome!!!

    Website of the Week:
    Write a Winning Research Report


    This is a short article full of tips about how to write a research paper.

    • Think Tank: Why is revision your friend?  Answer with at least 2 complete sentences.

    Conundrum of the Week: Riddle

    It lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, and is born in air.
    What is it?

    Project of the Month: State Reports

    The poster will be due this Friday, April 3, 2015.  Your final report will also be due on this day.  I will be giving you opportunities to work on the report in class, but you may work on it at home as well.

    Habit of the Month:  Habit 7 – Sharpen the Saw

    Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

    • Think Tank: I am balanced when I feel… Because…


    No Excuses University & Character Counts Monthly Trait: Responsibility.

    Mondays: wear university colors: Cal Poly, Pomona, green & gold.

    Fridays: school spirit: wear TPES colors blue & gold!

    Sidewinder store open: _______________.

    Homework Check:

    I have reviewed my child’s homework this week. Initials ________.