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Weekly Newsletter – September 12, 2015

  • Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

    This Wednesday evening is Back-To-School Night. At 5:30 pm teachers will be introduced in the MPR, then Mrs. Mahan and others will give brief presentations about school topics. Then at 6:00 classrooms will be open for presentations. After you have visited your child’s classroom, stop by the MPR for a $1 sundae from PTO! I am looking forward to seeing you this Wednesday!

    This week we continue to work on the reading story we started last week, The Adventures of Ali Baba Berstein. We are now in full swing with homework with the addition of the weekly paragraph. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. We have almost everyone signed up for class dojo as well. Keep up the great work everyone.

    Also, tests will be coming home this week. Please review with your child. Let’s have a fabulous week!

    Your choices can change the world,

    Mrs. Dahlberg


    Reading/Language Arts
    Word of the Week
    Weekly Events/Reminders
    Conundrum of the Week
    Project of the Month
    Website of the Week
    Donation of the Month
    Habit of the Month
    Homework Check

    1. Critical Thinking Reading Log: Read each night for 20 + min. & complete your reading log.
    2. Reading Comprehension Sheet: And You Think Your Mom Is Strict!
    3. Grammar Practice: Capitalization #3
    4. Weekly Paragraph: #1 Returning to School (see purple journal) Please write at least 6-8 sentences.
    • Think Tank: List 3 questions you had about the story: And You Think Your Mom Is Strict!

    Word of the Week:



    concurrence of opinion, go together, or allow to have

    If you clean your room of your own accord, your parents will be pleased—it means you did it without having to be asked. They might even accord you an extra privilege.

    • Think Tank: List an example of accord.


    Test on Friday

    1. Write missed words 3X
    2. Use each spelling word in a sentence.
    • Think Tank: Write your spelling words in ABC order.

    Ch. 1 Place Value

    1. Pgs. 27/28
    2. Pgs. 33/34
    • Think Tank: A school bus’s mileage is a five digit number. There is a 9 in the ten thousands place, a 3 in the ones place, a 5 in the tens place, a 2 in the hundreds place and the thousands place. What is the mileage?

    Website of the Week

    Congress for Kids gives you access to interactive, fun-filled experiences designed to help you learn about the foundation of our federal government and how its actions affect you.
    Using appealing, full-color illustrations, and engaging activities, this site will extend your learning in the basics about the American federal government.

    • Think Tank: Read through any of the sections and take the “show what you know” quiz.

    Weekly Events / Reminders

    1. Throughout the year we collect “Box Tops”. Clip & save them in a baggie. There will be a school competition in September!!
    2. Homework and signed Newsletters& Agendas are due Friday.
    3. Join P.T.O. Your time, ideas and effort make a difference. Only $10 for a whole family to join.
    4. School pictures coming soon!
    5. Bring water bottles! Stay hydrated!!
    6. TPES Back-To-School Night September 16, 2015 1st-3rd grade 5-6:30 & 4th-6th grade 5:30-7
    7. TPES Color Run October 24, 2015
    8. PTO Brax Cups orders due 9/19/15

    a word, phrase, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward.
    What word becomes a palindrome when viewed upside down and backwards?

    For September we are going to do an author study on our author of the month: Kevin Henkes. I will be passing out a “Rate It” sheet where you will list various titles and rate them on a simple star system. This sheet will be due by the end of the month. It is available in the elephant’s trunk bin.

    Habit of the Month:


    Develop a mindset that looks to solve problems instead of dwelling on them. Here’s how:

    1. Define the problem (what is it exactly?)
    2. Decide what needs to happen to overcome the problem and how you’re going to do that; and
    3. Get on with it

    This month I am looking for a student who is proactive, meaning they take responsibility for their own actions.

    • Think Tank: What problem did you try and prevent from happening this week or in the past?

    Character Counts Monthly Trait: Respect

    Fridays: school spirit: wear TPES colors blue & gold!

    Our classroom needs your help, please donate school supplies

    Donation of the Month: Disinfectant Wipes

    Any size, type or brand is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your donations to help make our class awesome!

    Homework Check
    I have reviewed my child’s homework for this week_________ (Initials).