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Weekly Newsletter – September 22, 2014

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, Thank you for attending Back-To-School Night!  If you were unable to come, I have sent papers home with your child.  All I need back is the purple sheet (parent 3-2-1) and the lavender info. card.  If you are able to make monetary donations at any time for upcoming field trips […]

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Weekly Paragraph #11 – Become an Inventor

This week for English you will have a chance to show your very creative side. You are going to be an inventor. An inventor is someone who comes up with a new product, device, or idea that helps accomplish a task or makes something easier to do. Some inventions have been very practical and helped […]

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Weekly Paragraph #24 – Special Possessions

All of us have special possessions . . . those items which we value even though no one else may WordPress think they are important. They are the items we don’t want ruined or thrown away. Select one of your special possessions . Tell me about it. Why is it special to you? Where did […]

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