Created by potrace 1.14, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Education is a Way of Life

If I had to rank my lifetime priorities, education would place only second, beside family and friends. I have never felt so strongly about anything except the value that education places on existence. Teaching is my way of connecting to that way of being. My educational goals include providing an encouraging, secure and motivating learning environment for my students that focuses on lifetime learning. The purpose of my class will include exceeding the standards and expectancies of my district in the content areas of reading, writing and math by encouraging my students to continually improve their study habits and learning skills. I also want to focus on developing the individual skills and talents of my students by exploring their different learning styles. My curriculum will adjust to the progress and interest of my class to the subject matter at hand. Along with learning the content of various subject areas. I would like my class to realize the importance of learning thinking and behaving as a reflection of their character and self worth. Through their teacher and peers they will envision who they are and I think that is quite a responsibility for the teacher of today. Overall, I hope to model my class after this quote from Goethe: “Talent develops in quiet places, character in the full current of human life.” I want my classroom to reflect the full, exciting current of life.

diagram showing 3 elements (school, family & student) combining to create successMy educational philosophy is centered around a statement from Socrates: “An unexamined life is not a life worth living.” I feel that education should allow individuals to examine themselves as well as the meaning of their life in relation to the community and world they live in. Individuals from varying backgrounds should have access to education if they desire to learn. My purpose is to increase their enjoyment of life. Nothing is more powerful than the idea that you are what you create and education can provide the tools individuals need to give meaning to their life. My education will never end and as an educator I hope to instill the passion I have for learning in others so that they can get the fulfillment that I do from the wonder and joy of learning.

-Mrs. Dahlberg, 2000

A Thinkers Oath

I will continue to learn throughout my life.
I will set goals to guide my learning.
I will stay focused and disciplined in all that I do.
I cannot fail, if I try.
I will learn from mistakes.
I will use experience as a tool for understanding.
I will question things that do not make sense.
I will be an active, not passive learner.
I will contribute my ideas and work cooperatively with others.
I will respect myself and others.
I will make the world a better place.
I will use my “toolbox” or “bag of tricks,” as needed.
I will share my knowledge with others.
I will not forget what really matters.
I will strive for excellence in all that I do.
I will become who I was meant to be.
I will live all the days of my life.
-Mrs. Dahlberg

An Ensō or zen circle.

Literacy Changes Lives

Open a book,
Absorb new ideas
Pick up a pen,
Record your thoughts,
Challenge the world around you to think,
Change your world
Your are a role model for the future,
Every action you do matters
Every thought you have is important
Record it, share it, explore it,
Use art to realize your potential for greatness
no one is exactly like you
You are unique, important and gifted
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
Believe in yourself and make a difference
I believe in you, but beware of your hardest critic: yourself
Follow your path,
Create goals,
Live purposefully
Live fully, enjoy your life, generate happiness!
-Mrs. Dahlberg